Run out table


Run out table is welded frame structure equipped with sizing signal system. It can be widely used in large-scale extrusion machine. Run out table for mill line can move smoothly and work under huge weight.

Main features of run out table

1.Heavy duty structural tubing frame.
2.Single point height adjustment.
3.Pivoting catch arms for easy access.
4.Pipe stops on catch arms.
5.Heavy access electrical panels.
6.Accepts external dump signal.
7.Threaded leveling feet.
8.High capacity product support rollers.

Our technical and sales team will study your requirements in detail to ensure the run out table for mill line you received from us is the one you do need. It is our pleasure to provide you advices with no charge on which machine fits your business necessities, and to discuss with you our trade conditions, technical consultation, conceptual design, as well as logistic planning.
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