Maxtube25 Welded Pipe Mill Line


We are renowned as welded pipe making machine manufacturer, our Maxtube 25 welded pipe mill line is specially designed to produce Φ8-Φ38mm and δ0.4-1.3 high-frequency straight seam welded tube, square tube and special-shaped tube (δ≤1.2mm). It is made up of machine body, milling plate, heating mirror, hydraulic station, tool stand and option spare parts etc.


Welded pipe mill line is designed for industrial fields and workshop to weld PP, PE pipe and fittings, etc.


1. Hydraulic system adopts international advanced compact structure, cylinder seal ring and quick joint nozzle with reliable pressure and easy operation.
2. Welded pipe making machine adopts high quality tooling steel.
3. Machine body adopts Al-alloy material.

Technical parameters

Description Maxtube25 welded pipe making machine
Diameter of welded tubes Φ8-30mm
Wall thickness of welded tubes 0.4-1.3mm
Speed of tube welding 50-100M/min
Power of major motor 37KW
Power of high frequency welder 100KW
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