Maxtube12 Tube Mill Line


Tube mill line is an automation system to produce high-frequency straight seam welded pipe, square pipe and special-shaped pipe for furniture, steel structures, hand rails, piping and heat exchangers by slit coils. As a specialized tube production line manufacturer, our Maxtube 12 mill line is specially designed to produce lines with Φ7-Φ16mm and δ0.2-0.5mm.


1.Our products are endowed with high quality and less weld metal required.
2.Our tube production line is with long working life.
3.All of our products are with excellent performance at low cost.

Working process

Tube making machine is a group of machines that build longitudinal weld seam tubes and pipes with steel strips with certain width. It starts by uncoil and flattens the slit steel coils into steel strips. The flattened steel strips will be inserted into the forming machine and the roller tolling in the machine will roll the strip to round pipe shape. The rolled strips will be sent into the weld box where the tube is welded by a high frequency solid state welder. The welded tubes will be formed to expected shape or size in a sizing machine. In the end, the tubes will be cut to length and bundled.


User shall regularly lubricate chain wheel, bearings and speed reducer, etc. and keep clean of forming rollers.

Hangzhou Roll Forming Machinery Co., Ltd has become a recognized leader in manufacturing and supplying of roll forming machine, steel structure machinery, sandwich panel line, and tube mill line. Our outstanding reputation for sound and innovative engineering and over 20 years experience have brought us recognition for offering our customers brilliant roll forming tooling and equipment. Our products are characterized with top quality and high precision. We are with favorable geographic location and convenient transportation, which can shorten the delivery time and lower the freight charge.
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