Maxtube 50 Welded Pipe Making Machine


Welded pipe making machine is the main equipment for the welded tube production line. It is designed to form pipes and tubes on one continuous line with steel strip, which is slit by slitting line to fit diameter of pipe and tube. Our Maxtube 50 tube mill line is specially designed to produce Φ15-Φ63.5 mm and δ0.8-2.5 mm high-frequency straight seam welded tube, square tube and special-shaped tube (δ≤2.0mm). In addition, we can produce as per customers’ requirements.

Working principle of welded pipe making machine

Hydraulic cylinder of strip feeding unit holds down steel strip. The feeding motor drives the feeding roll to fill strip into the accumulator by friction force. The main motor rotates supply roll of the accumulator cage to store steel strip in inner and outer storage area. The drive motor stops after one coil finishes and continues feeding after cutting and welding another coil.


1.Using high frequency induction heating, our tube mill line can produce section material of various diameters and sizes by squeezing weld seam together into closed shape.
2.Our welded pipe making machine is with long working life.
3.All of our products are with excellent performance at low cost.
4. By absorbing advanced pipe making technology from domestic and overseas, our products are both economical and practical.

Technical specifications of welded pipe making machine

Description Maxtube 50 tube mill line
Diameter of welded tubes Φ15-63.5mm
Wall thickness of welded tubes 0.8-2.5mm
Speed of tube welding 40-80M/min
Power of major motor) 110KW
Power of high frequency welder 150KW

Basic components for Maxtube 50 welded pipe making machine

1. Uncoiler→ Shearing and butt-welder →Vertical-type accumulator → Forming machine →Water cooling tank →Sizing machine→ Computer cutting saw →Run-out table
2. Hydraulic uncoiler →Shearing and butt-welder →Horizontal-type accumulator →Forming machine →Water cooling tank →Sizing machine →Cold saw →Run-out table

Our well-trained sales team is ready to assure the quality and effectiveness of your machine purchase. We will pay close attention to your orders and enquiries so as to fully assist you in choosing tube mill line with high performance and low cost. In addition, we provide elaborate after-sales service, since we believe that after-sales service is of high importance in satisfying customers.
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