Maxtube 32 Pipe Making Machine


Pipe making machine is designed to form pipes and tubes on one continuous line with steel strip, which is slit by slitting line to fit diameter of pipes and tubes. Using high frequency induction heating, this line can produce section material of various diameters and sizes by squeezing weld seam together into closed shape. Our Maxtube 32 pipe making machine is specially designed to produce Φ13-Φ50.8mm and δ0.6-2.0mm high-frequency straight seam welded tube, square tube and special-shaped tube (δ≤1.5mm).


1.Our pipe making machine is endowed with high quality. By taking advantages of same kind machines at home and abroad, our products are popular with customers.
2. We produce high quality products in accordance with GMC and ISO9001 by cooperating with scientific research institutions and universities.
2.Our tube making machinery is with long working life.
3.It is with excellent performance at low cost.

Technical Specifications for the Maxtube 32 Pipe making machine

Description Maxtube 32 tube mill line
Diameter of welded tubes Φ13-50.8mm
Wall thickness of welded tubes 0.6-2.0mm
Speed of tube welding 50-90M/min
Power of major motor 90KW
Power of high frequency welder 100KW

Components for the Maxtube 32 Tube Making Machinery

1.Uncoiler 1set
2.Shearing and butt-welding machine 1set
3.Accumulator 1set
4.Forming and sizing device(include master) 1set
5.Computer-controlled tracking cutting saw 1set
6.Finished pipe passing conveyor 1set
7.Solid state 150KW high-frequency electric 1set

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