Forming, welding and sizing unit


Forming, welding and sizing equipments are essential components of the tube mill line.

(1) Feeding and leveling device

Feeding and leveling device is leveled for straightening strip steel before fed into forming unit.

(2) Forming device

Forming device is designed to form steel strip and control weld seam.

(3) Guiding extruding and welding scraping equipment

a) One set of guide roll stand for controlling direction of pipe seam to ensure pipe seam enter extruding rollers flatly and straightly.
b) Three sets of extruding roll stand for controlling weld seam to achieve successful welding.
c) Two sets of scraper frame for scraping weld seam.

(4) Sizing device

Sizing device is to shape pipe after welding and controlling size accuracy. Each 5 sets of horizontal roll stand, vertical roll stand, three sets of gearbox branch (double connection), and 10 sets of universal shaft. (Same structure with forming device)
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