Carbon steel tube line


As a professional pipe making machine manufacturer in China, our carbon steel tube mill line is to produceΦ8-Φ25mm and δ0.3-1.0mm high-frequency straight seam welded pipe, square pipe and special-shaped pipe (δ≤0.8mm). By absorbing the advantages of same kind machines domestic and overseas, our products are full of perfect performance.

Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing process of tube mill line is made of uncoiling, molding, welding, polishing, sizing, straightening and cutting, etc. Rolling speed can be adjusted correspondingly within proper range of pipe diameter and wall thickness.


1.Our pipe making machine is endowed with high quality. By taking advantages of same kind machines at home and abroad, our products are popular with customers.
2.It is easy to replace mould, which saves working hour and improve working efficiency.
3.We are with favorable geographic location and convenient transportation, which can shorten the delivery time and lower the freight charge.
4.All of our products are with excellent performance at low cost.

Working Principle

Hydraulic cylinder of strip feeding unit holds down steel strip. The feeding motor drives the feeding roll to fill strip into the accumulator by friction force. The main motor rotates supply roll of the accumulator cage to store steel strip in the inner and outer storage zone. The drive motor will stop after one coil finished, and will resume feeding after cutting and welding of another coil.

Technical parameters for Carbon steel tube mill line

Description Carbon steel pipe making machine
Diameter of welded tubes Φ8-25mm
Wall thickness of welded tubes 0.3-1.0mm
Speed of tube welding 50-100M/min
Power of major motor 22KW
Power of high frequency welder 60KW
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