Carbon steel tube forming machine


Tube forming machine is used to form pipes and tubes on one continuous line with steel strip, which is slit by slitting line to match pipe and tube diameter. Using high frequency induction heating, it can produce section material of various diameters and sizes by squeezing weld seam together into closed shape. We are a recognized carbon steel pipe production line manufacturer, and our line is to produceΦ76-Φ165mm and δ2.0-6.0mm (δ≤6.0mm).


Tube forming machine is widely used in aviation, aerospace, nuclear power, power stations, oil refining, seawater desalination and other high-end pipe making field.


1.Pipe production line is endowed with high quality. By taking advantages of same kind machines at home and abroad, our products are popular with customers.
2.By comparing and studying same kind machines at home and abroad, our products are with outstanding performance.
3.All of our products are with excellent performance at low cost.

Technical specifications

Description Carbon steel tube forming machine
Diameter of welded tubes Φ76-165mm
Wall thickness of welded tubes 2.0-6.0mm
Speed of tube welding 15-50M/min
Power of major motor 185KW×2
Power of high frequency welder 600KW
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